At Burlodge, the ongoing challenge for us is how to enhance the efficiency of today’s food operations while constantly improving on issues of quality, safety and satisfaction.

At a time when food professionals are being asked to do more with less, we’re developing solutions that are functionally efficient, financially practical and thoroughly adaptable to our clients’ specific needs. 

This is precisely the inspiration for developing our B-Lean system. With B-Lean we’ve reconfigured the thinking around food service operations by introducing an approach that breaks free of conventional tray assembly and promotes a far more logical, free-flowing and ‘human’ strategy.

Flexible Work Cell Design

Gone are the days of a single source solution to handle the multiplicity of food service demands.

The B-Lean system is developed around assembling component work cells that are designed to adapt to every operation’s particular service environment. We’re not just reshaping trayline meal assembly, we’re redefining what’s possible by offering highly flexible equipment that is customizable to your needs. The result is improved work flow, more efficient tray preparation and, ultimately, better overall operations and satisfied clients.

The Principle of Lean

At Burlodge we’re responsible for helping food service operations run with optimal efficiency. For us, that translates into Lean thinking, an idea that emphasizes getting the right things to the right place at the right time, and doing so with the appropriate quantities while strictly minimizing waste. With that in mind, we also recognize that many operations today have limited resources and must generate efficiencies wherever possible. This is the sort of thinking that has inspired us to develop our B-Lean System.

Benefits of B-Lean

From an operation and financial standpoint, to reduced staffing and maintenance requirements, to improved health and client approval, there are so many reasons that the B-Lean system is right for you.

Minimal Space Requirements – B-Lean does not demand as much space as traditional meal assembly operations, thereby allowing clients to make better use of available space

Reduced Staff Needs – With its improved efficiencies studies indicate facilities could save between 15-30% in tray line labour

Ergonomic Advantages – The B-Lean design is aimed at reducing the incidence of repetitive strain injuries or muscle ache attributed to repeated bending, crouching or twisting.

Improved Tray Accuracy – With reduced staff configurations to assemble trays, coupled with Lean principles of simpler design and easier access, fewer mistakes are made

Capital Avoidance – B-Lean is a far more economical alternative to replacing existing tray lines

Outstanding Maintenance – with the individual work cell design, the B-Lean system is far simpler to clean and maintain, meaning less down time and fewer costs for your operation

Client Satisfaction – Improved tray assembly times, enhanced speed of delivery, easier restocking all add up to approval on both sides of service