While Burlodge can supply high heat trayware components virtually in any color, consider using the stylish all black style called Burlodge Silhouette.

All components to a tray are available such as:

– Beverage cup for cold and hot liquids

– Beverage cup lid with ‘plug’ fit to secure contents and facilitate ease of removal

– 8 inch plate

– 8 inch plate lid with handle grip (available in regular and high profile)

– Rectangular casserole dish  

– Rectangular casserole dish lid

– Dessert/salad dish

– Dessert/salad dish lid

–  8 oz soup/cereal bowl

–  8 oz soup/cereal bowl lid

Safe & Reliable Dishware from Burlodge

In light of the recent public concern over BPA ( Bisphenol A ), an organic compound used in the synthesis of polyesters and a key monomer in the production of ploycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, Burlodge Canada has contacted its various manufacturing partners of traywares for meal service and has concluded that these products sold by Burlodge Canada do not contain BPA.

Furthermore, Burlodge Canada ensures that the traywares sold, including high heat plastics and disposable dishware, are free from latex and lead. All trayware items comply with FDA regulations and are manufactured using strict controlled guidelines in North America.