Introducing Eversio16 – a unique line of disposable dishware which is 100% compostable – making it the right choice for you and the right choice for our planet.

Eversio16 from Burlodge is not only attractive and durable – it has been specifically designed to operate in traditional meal delivery systems.

Eversio16 can be used by anyone. It has especially been designed for healthcare applications however, all the benefits can be applied in other markets such as Hotel Room Service, Banqueting, Catering, Cruise Liners, Picnics, Corporate Events, and Colleges and Universities.

While Eversio will be used predominantly for regular service of meals to achieve savings in dishroom activity, water use and chemical use or simply to replace Styrofoam and other environmentally unfriendly single use containers,  it can also be used for isolation meal requirements caused by infectious disease outbreaks when cross-contamination concerns are heightened.

Eversio can be held in inventory for contingency requirements in case of water contamination concerns, pandemic planning, and dishroom failure, staff shortages due to labor disputes, disaster planning, or power failures.


Eversio Compostable Dishware

To learn more about Eversio please visit Eversio16.com



One box with everything inside to hold emergency food service. Visit EMERGTHERM.COM for more information.