Less Capital, More Sanitary, Less Space.

Nice guys finish last, so the saying goes, and so what better name for this ingenious equipment than the letter Z. It’s not because the Z Rack is a nice guy in the kitchen—that name refers to its easy-nesting design with other Z Racks when not in use. But it’s certainly nice that this one piece of equipment can save money, improve food safety and reduce space requirements. In fact, in the space that would typically accommodate two traditional racks, you can fit six nested Z Racks in the same space.

What’s more, for about one quarter of the price of an insulated tray cart you can opt to use a Z Rack instead. You can even deliver meal trays on the Meal Delivery System and collect soiled trays on the Z Rack to save capital on your rolling stock components. Sure enough, the last letter will soon be the first choice for many operations.

Available to fit 2 tray sizes (530mm & 575mm)

• S/S 18/10, material 1.4301
• Fixed slides with 75mm in a distance of 75mm
• Swivel castors  125 mm, 2 of them with brake
• Swivel castors in galvanized chromed housings
• 2 fixed castors available as an option
• Hygienic and efficient transport solution for trays and GN-container
• space-saving
• U-profiles with double sided transport security device
• different possibilities of use
• Low and high version
• different versions for insert of GN- and EN – container
• Tray insert lengthwise and diagonally
• 7 – 36 pairs of U – slides according to DIN 18 867 – 2
• lot of equipment available
• Telescoping in empty condition to save space for one version (Burlodge Z Rack )